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Kind Words from Kind Couples

Mike & Teri    |    5.30.15    |    STONE TAVERN FARM

When my husband and I decided to have our wedding at Stone Tavern Farm, a gorgeous barn venue in Roxbury, NY, we knew we would need help to really execute our "dream wedding." Heather came recommended by the owner of the venue and I can firmly say that 1) she is really easy to work with and 2) worth every penny. We met up months in advance of the wedding to go over every detail of the wedding weekend: rehearsal dinner on Friday, wedding on Saturday, and brunch on Sunday. If you're doing something similar, keep in mind that this really means that you're planning 3 separate parties (that might be obvious to you but it didn't really occur to me until we got into the nitty gritty details).


Heather has a great sense of design and I was happy to get her input on decor. She pays a lot of attention to detail so there really wasn't anything missed.


There is no way I could've planned out the wedding weekend without Heather's help. There's just so much coordination that needs to occur and you don't want to be worrying about execution when you're walking down the want to enjoy the amazing day!



Bryce & Laurie    |    6.6.15    |    STONE TAVERN FARM

Heather was such a huge help for us! We hired her specifically as a wedding weekend coordinator, but she went above and beyond the scope of those duties. The biggest value for us was that when our weekend arrived, we didn't have to worry about a single thing. She navigated all the vendors, staff, etc. so that all we had to worry about was spending time with our guests. In prep, she knew all the right questions to ask, and made sure we thought of everything...including all the little things we didn't think of. She was always very patient when we came to her with a million questions (some of which were probably annoying and repetitive), and communicated quickly and pleasantly. She is VERY organized, and we never worried about anything falling through the cracks. Our wedding would not have been the same without her help.



- Bryce

Matt & Maggie    |    6.27.15    |    STONE TAVERN FARM

Heather is truly the most wonderful person I have ever encountered..... She made sure my wet wedding was even better than anything I could have imagined. With last minute ceremony location changes to being able to share my vision she truly went out of her way to make everything perfect. I can't thank you enough for all that you have done.



Bo & Melanie    |    7. 4 .15    |    STONE TAVERN FARM

Heather was a dream. Something that stood out was her calm nature, her patience, and her proactive questions which helped me think through everything that I needed to, so we were prepared going into our wedding. She was also our onsite contact the weekend of the wedding and was readily accessible to me at all times via text. She even knew just the right moment to bring me a cocktail

when I looked stressed. :)


Do yourself a favor and have this woman

as part of your wedding!




Steve & Karen    |    8.22.15    |    STONE TAVERN FARM

Heather was a reliable, easy-going, and a perfect wedding coordinator for our rustic farm wedding in the Catskills. We hired her for day-of-planning, but she essentially worked with us months before to ensure that everything ran smoothly.

Our wedding day was perfect and she executed everything beautifully.

Brendan & Ashley    |    8.29.15    |    STONE TAVERN FARM

I used Heather's services for my wedding this past summer and I had a great experience working with her. She was so responsive and helpful during the months following up to my wedding as well, answering questions and even meeting with me in person to discuss details. Heather really helped create the wedding that I wanted and I would definitely recommend her to anyone!


- Ashley

Mike & Kate    |    9.6.15    |    STONE TAVERN FARM

Heather was incredible. Having a day of coordinator was the best decision I made for my wedding.

She was so communicative and did anything I needed without hesitation.

On the day of and leading up to my wedding I was able to enjoy myself because

everything that I had in my mind she knew about and was taking care of it.

Can't recommend her more!


RJ  &  Morgan    |    10.10.15    |    STONE TAVERN FARM

Heather with Cullen Creations was amazing! She was always there to answer any questions I had and was extremely knowledgeable. She was very honest with her advice and that is something I really appreciated. When the caterer only sent salad plates and not dinner plates; Heather calmly and successful resolved the situation while keeping me in the loop, so I was not surprised when I walked into my wedding reception. Heather even helped to arrange a pick up of champagne glasses that were left behind by mistake, instead of my husband and I having to make the 2 hour trip back to pick them up. Heather went above and beyond to make sure my day went as smooth as possible and I am truly grateful.


- Morgan

Kale & Maggie    |    10 .24.15    |    STONE TAVERN FARM

I had my hands full planning my NY wedding from my home in Los Angeles- I really didn't know where to begin. Cue, Heather! ...She made vendor recommendations for our caterers, DJ and rental company. We went with all of her recommendations and everyone was awesome. As we hired each of them, they all said the same thing, "You're in good hands with Heather- she's great to work with". Right off the bat Heather shared a helpful timeline with us outlining what we needed to do leading up to the big day. I'm a big crafter and decided to make most of the decorations myself. Heather allowed me to ship everything to her from LA so that I wouldn't have to travel with or send them to my parents' house on Long Island and transport them to the farm. We spoke regularly the weeks leading up to the wedding and she made me aware of crucial things happening on the farm that I had to be prepared for (weather conditions etc.). The week of the wedding she contacted all of my vendors and set up schedules so that everyone was where they needed to be, on time. It was much colder than we anticipated for the wedding itself and Heather was so flexible with helping us get shawls, heaters, hot cocoa etc. to keep our guests comfortable. She also set up EVERYTHING. We rented a tent for our welcome dinner, after-party and Sunday brunch and she made all the necessary changes for each event so that it felt special each time. We used her amazing rentals to help make the venue more cozy.

We couldn't have done it without her!


Owen & Lauren    |    11.7.15    |    STONE TAVERN FARM

We hired her as a day of coordinator, but I felt like we got much more than that.

Heather is creative, energetic, really detail-oriented, upbeat, focused, proactive, and always one step ahead of any potential problems.

Her people skills separate her from the rest: always making sure that the wedding party, family members and especially the bride are taken care of every step of the way.


- Lauren

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