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Day Of Styling 

Our Day of Styling Package is perfect for the wedding couples

who have planned out the look of their wedding and simply need

a set, or a few sets of hands to execute the set up and break down of it all!

Regardless if your decor items are rented from us,

or they are items you have gathered thru out your wedding planning process

we are happy to be the ones to set them in place and pack them up at

the end of the night for you, leaving you and your guests free to enjoy the celebration.



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Design Planning


If you've been Dreaming

of a Pintrest Wedding, 

Our Design Planning Package

is the key to making it come to life!

With our Design Planning Package,

we will listen carefully to

your wedding vision!

 help you organize all your thoughts

and ideas so that your

wedding is full of unique details

and has a cohesive look thru out.

Not only do we plan out every

aesthetic part of

your wedding for you,

we will be on site to set up

and break down

all the decor elements! 

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